0.75 L
Ročník 2018, Vypredané, bude čoskoro.

Patrí do skupiny najakostnejších bielych vín. Pomerne vysoká cukornatosť muštov dosiahla plné vína s odrodovým buketom, ktorý sa odráža viac v chuti ako vo vôni. Jeho kvalita starnutím nadobúda jemný buket.

Vintage of 2018. Sold out.
We produce premium - quality Chardonnay because of the unique aspects of this terroir. The soil and the cooler climate here lead for slower ripening, requiring grapes to be a longer time on the vine, which allows the grapes to develop greater complexity and character at more reasonable sugar and acidity levels than warmer regions. We multiply these natural blessings by reducing grape production in our 50 acre vineyards, so that this unique style of wine could emerge. Flavors include nuttiness with some floral notes.

Our wines are produced utilizing "earth-friendly winegrowing practices".