Privacy protection:
Any personal information needed for processing your order will be strictly protected and used only to complete transactions with your financial institution.

Our wines have no preservatives, therefore for longer storage we recommend that bottles be placed sideways and at temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 °F). We also recommend that after delivery the wine be left to "settle down" for some time, to achieve optimum balance and condition. If you notice anything unusual with our product, please return it (with cork) to us for replacement, under warranty. Our packaging should protect our wines from any damage during shipping and handling, but if you notice anything unusual (wetness, the sound of broken glass etc.), please request the shipping company to return package to the sender. Please notify us about such an occurrence in writing and we will replace it under our warranty conditions.

Order cancellation:
If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your order, please email us via the given contact form. We require cancellation in writing and that you return our product, if already delivered, within 14 days from delivery. All shipment expenses, however, will be charged to buyer.
Thank you for choosing us.