V I N O K U R C I K and VINO s.p. (in partnership and operated as one) is a grower and vintner of varietal wine grapes located in Velky Krtis in South Slovakia.

The company cultivates estate vineyards and has been producing wines from the best grape varieties since 1997.

Alcoholic beverages not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

All in One Place:

Our wines are made from the grapes grown in our own vineyards. The grapes are hand harvested and immediately processed through the time-proven working methods and technology in our own premises and facilities.

Every aspect of wine growing, grape processing, wine making and bottling is carefully managed and controlled by one family in one place.

Such an approach to work guaranties that a consumer receives the best quality of wine of a unique signature of one producer from a unique wine region.


One contributing factor to our premium wine quality is terroir. The soil (influenced by occurrence of brown coal deposits) and the cooler climate lead to slow ripening, requiring grapes to be a longer time on the vine, which allows the grapes to develop a greater complexity and character at more reasonable sugar and acidity levels than warmer regions. We multiply this natural blessing by reducing grape production in our vineyards.

Our wines are estate grown, produced and bottled by us, without voluntary product certification of Protected Designation of Origin, ("víno bez zemepisného označenia" in Slovak). Product of Slovakia.

Bottled wine:

Universal price to all varieties is 4-Eur (3.5-Eur without label). Prices subject to VAT.

For orders,  availability or other inquiries, please write to us!

Fresh wine (on tap)

Estate Grown,

Produced and Bottled by Us:


Ing. Jaroslav Kurčík (Univ. Dipl. of Engineer in Viticulture) has a life-long experience in viticulture. He is renowned in Slovakia for establishing over 150 hectares of terrace-design vineyards, and for the high quality of wine that he produces.

Green Works:

In respect to the most suitable wine growing practices (based on terroir and our experience and expertise in viticulture in this region), the green works include an application of conventional and nature-friendly wine-growing principles.

We reduce grape production in our vines for plant sustainability and grape quality. Optimally ripened grapes are hand harvested into small crates (up to 30 kg), and immediately processed as gently as possible.

Wine Making:

Interventions in wine making process are minimal. The technology and vertical design solutions in our cellar facilities allow us to reduce the use of pumps to a minimum. Vinification is carried out in an effort to minimize operations and wine handling as much as possible.


The whole complex of influences, deep and thorough knowledge of the wine craft, based on the life-long practice, professionalism and enthusiasm – these are the factors that have enabled us to work towards positive results:

Our wines are authentic, natural, relatively light and delicate, coming from the best grapes with rich natural sweetness, aroma and flavor, which are typical and specific to each variety, which ultimately adds a certain uniqueness and typicality to the wine.

It is our art to know, to know our wine-making craft, our consistency, for which we invite you to get to know the best wines produced by the Kurcik family through this small selection.



Our vineyards complete a picturesque panorama of the town of Velky Krtis, which long enjoys a pollutant free environment. There is no industry within a radius of 80 km. The environment is clean and vegetation natural.

This environment is exceptional in soils, climate and micro climate, where there is a wide range of temperatures between cold nights and sunny days. These natural blessings are the source and inspiration of our unique wines.

Wine Region.

Our vineyards belong to Central Slovakian wine region. “Stredoslovenská” wine region is the most southern area of central Slovakia, reaching as far as the border with Hungary. It is a diverse wine region that stretches from Hont to Gemer. It has excellent wine growing conditions and great potential. It is divided into 7 wine-growing sub-regions. The center of wine production in this area is a town of Velky Krtis, which falls into the “Modrokamenská” wine sub-region.

It is well established that the wines are distinguished by higher and more persistent aromatic quality, which is considered as one of the main characteristics of this Central Slovakian wine region.

"Modrokamenská" Wine Sub-region

The southern location of the vineyard slopes with an abundance of sunlight and suitable soil properties predetermine this sub-region for growing vines. No wonder the viticultural tradition goes back a long way. After all, the first mention of viticulture in this area dates back to 1135.


At the moment, we prefer personal pickup. However, shipping options may be available during summer and fall seasons. In such case, we would post about the shipping availability on our website and Facebook page. If you would like to be notified by email, please write to us via the contact form.

Terms and Conditions:

It is recommended bottles be placed sideways, away from light or direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures spaces, and at temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 °F).

To achieve optimum balance and condition, we also recommend that after delivery the wine be left to "settle down" for some time.

It is possible that some wines (bottled) may develop crystal particles, "tartrates".  Tartrates, or more lovingly, “wine diamonds” are formed from tartaric acid which is naturally occurring in all wines and provides structure, balance and flavor. They are harmless and more of a sign of quality than a defect.

If you notice anything unusual upon opening wine, (discoloration, cloudiness or 'bad" taste), please return the wine (with its cork in case of bottled wine) to us for replacement.  We require to be notified about such an occurrence in writing within the 7 days from the day of purchase. Upon receipt of the return, we will replace it or issue a refund in case of out-of-stock item(s).

We require that the processed orders for personal pickup (confirmed by our email after payment is complete) be collected within the 30 calendar days from the day of email confirmation of order completion. If the order is not collected within this period, we reserve the right to cancel the order and keep it. If you need more time, please write to us within the 30 day time period. In case of extension, a fee may be applied based on costs associated with storage and handling.

Applies to purchases with shipping option:

Our packaging should protect the wine from any damage during shipping and handling. Nevertheless, to avoid any issues or misunderstanding, we suggest a recipient(s) be present at delivery and inspect the package for the sound of broken glass etc., open the package and inspect the item(s) inside. If you notice anything unusual, such as missing item, broken or incomplete item/parts, please register the findings with the parcel carrier at the time of delivery. You may also include pictures.

It is important to notify us about such an occurrence in writing as it may affect our decision in issuing possible refund or item/part replacement.

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your order, please write to us (by email or via contact form).  We require a cancellation request in writing within the 7 days from the day of delivery.  Upon receipt of return of un-damaged item(s), we will issue a refund. All shipping costs associated with return will, however, be deducted from the payment.

When disposing, proceed in an environmentally friendly manner and make maximum use of separate waste collection.

If you have any question, please write to us via the contact form.

Thank you.